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Ten Words

🎙️ The Weekly Show Full of BIG Ideas, Small Words and Short Sentences 🎙️  

Mar 19, 2018

  • Welcome to the Ten Words podcast. The weekly show full of BIG ideas, small words and short sentences. In this initial extended episode (1 hour!), I want to introduce you to the Ten Words podcast, and explain where it came from, why you should care (!) and what makes it so special and unique. This inaugural episode also features me experimenting with formats to see what works (and what doesn't), so please bear with me and let me know what you think!



In this slightly schizophrenic episode, we bounce around all over the place, covering some of the inspiration behind the podcast. It features content from Seth Godin, Steve Jobs, Zig Ziglar, Pixar, Carmine Gallo, Oprah, Barack Obama, Tom Ford, Robin Williams, Aaron Sorkin and the West Wing. Hopefully, it will not only entertain you with some wonderful words from some marvelous people, but maybe even inspire you to tell your own story a little better. Enjoy.