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Ten Words

🎙️ The Weekly Show Full of BIG Ideas, Small Words and Short Sentences 🎙️  

May 4, 2018

Jerry Seinfeld ten words

"The road less traveled is less traveled for a reason".


In this episode we dive into the mind of a comedy legend in order to see what makes him tick and discover his secrets to successful storytelling. We also hear some surprising insights into his about work-life balance.

He's a writer, comedian, actor, director and producer who is worth over $670M. He made a show about nothing (which still brings him over $60M each year) making him the most successful comedian the world has ever seen. He's Jerry Seinfeld and you're going to love what he has to tell you.


** Jerry's comedy sets are 70-75 minutes, so I thought it only fair that we devoted a similar amount of time to Ten Words! **





This week I tried a different format and placed all my audio clips as post-it notes (instead of my usual Duarte notebook method) - matched to the mixing desk in BossJock Studio. I thought it worked out pretty well. Let me know what you think.

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