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Ten Words

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Feb 8, 2019

David Mamet Ten Words

"Laws of work: Show up. Shut up. Do your job".


David Mamet is a Pulitzer Prize–winning playwright, screenwriter and director known for such works as 'American Buffalo,' 'Glengarry Glen Ross,' 'The Untouchables' and 'Phil Spector.' His trademark rapid-fire dialogue are studded with obscenities and explore the power relationships and corporate corruption.


There is only really one rule of drama - "Don't be boring".


He is one of the most prolific storytellers of modern times. In this special episode on Ten Words I look behind the scenes of his most famous script, what motivates him to write, why are writers like beavers and why is Brazilian Jiu Jitsu the secret to his success?


David Mamet's Masterclass on dramatic writing