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Ten Words

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Apr 14, 2018

Ellen Ten Words

"It's failure that gives you the proper perspective on success".


She's one of the most respected people on television and one of the world's most successful comedians but it wasn't always like that. Six years after having the title role in one of America's most successful sitcoms, her show was dramatically axed when she "came out" on her show.


Ellen's "failure" combined with her unique philosophy, transformed her into one of the most inspirational people you could ever wish to meet. She’s worth almost $400M but is on a personal crusade to give most of it away, and encourage others to do the same. She's one of those people who make the world a much better place just by being in it. I hope you enjoy my take on Ellen's comedy, her storytelling philosophy, her attitude and her deep love for her audience. Also watch out for a look at the best Oscar’s acceptance speech of all-time towards the end of the show.








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**Apologies for the gratuitous overuse of the word “incredible”**