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Ten Words

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Nov 19, 2018

Tony Robbins Ten Words

"What's your motivation? What's great? What's missing? What's preventing this?"


He's one of the top business coaches in the world worth over $6Bn who left an abusive home, to work as a janitor on $40 a week. What was the one thing which changed his life, and what can we learn from the way that he communicates to over 200,000 people every year?


In this episode I try to steer clear on the self-help bumper sticker quotes, and look more deeply at what drives the most successful people (including how they break up each day into 100 x 10 minute chunks). Digging back into the 20 years that I have followed Tony, and sharing some of my experiences from working alongside him in 2015, whatever your opinions are of Tony Robbins, I think there's something in here for you. Because one thing's for sure - he's NOT (just) a motivational speaker...


Show Notes


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