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Ten Words

🎙️ The Weekly Show Full of BIG Ideas, Small Words and Short Sentences 🎙️  

Mar 22, 2018


barack obama ten words


"Fired Up? Ready to Go". x2


For the first official episode of the Ten Words podcast we are taking a closer look at the skinny kid with the big ears (who's not from Kenya) and managed to defy all the odds to become the 44th President of the United States.


Widely regarded as one of the greatest speakers of recent generations, this episode takes a deep dive into how he managed to inspire so many people with his words, and what inspired him to break down his manifesto down into bite-sized chunks and soundbites - without diluting their meaning. He spoke well, but many people thought he was all style without much substance. So we'll have a dig into that too. I also attempt to give a famous speech that I've never given before!


It's fun, it's fast, there's music, there's singing, and there's a ton of great quotes that may also inspire you to tell your own story a little bit better. 


Each week I'll post the show notes, links and a photo of my notebook along with the Bossjock Studio screenshot, so you can see my working process (if you're interested). 




obama ten words


The notes I used for this episode, drawn in the same way that I write all my keynotes. More info on the process here if you're interested.

Jeremy Waite Obama Ten Words


Linkedin post here on how this podcast got started and how I create each episode.


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Ten Words - The book is available here

**All profits from the book go to charity (the NHS in the UK) to pay for two incubators for premature babies in Chelsea Westminster Hospital where my twins Petra and Mathilda were born**

Jeremy Waite Ten Words Obama