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Ten Words

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May 26, 2018

Maya Angelou Vogue Ten Words

"I've learned that I still have a lot to learn".


Maya Angelou was a civil rights activist, writer, poet, performer and responsible for some of the most famous quotes you've ever heard. In this episode I dig into her past to try and discover what made her such a prolific writer and despite her traumatic childhood, how did she manage to inspire so many people? This episode has laughs, love, literature, prose and power. I hope you enjoy listening to it anywhere near as much as I enjoyed recording it.



There are SO many great clips of Maya speaking, performing and giving advice on YouTube that I engourage you to find a quiet corner with your notebook and a nice pen (and maybe a bourbon infused coffee?!) and search them for yourself. I would start with any conversations she's had with Oprah.


This was such a wonderful episode to enjoy. Thank you for listening. x